"Ann Darr's poems strike various layers of meaning like a laser beam burning through sheets of cold steel."
    Ed Roberts, Jr. The National Observer

"The clear voice of Ann Darr has the passion, precision and authority we wait for an listen to with joy."
    George Garrett

"A poet of unusually intense vision . . .long poems which grow from long meditation on hard matters."
    Henry Taylor

Ann Darr was a pilot for the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), part of the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II. Her books include Flying the Zuni Mountains, St. Ann's Gut, The Myth of a Woman's Fist and Confessions of a Skewed Romantic. A native of Iowa, she graduated from the University of Iowa and is featured in the Museum of Television and Radio in New York, where she wrote and performed radio scripts for NBC and ABC. She was a long-time teacher at The American University and The Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Conversation with Ann Darr

Radio interview with Ann Darr
on Public Radio International

Susan Foster (1928-1998) designed this beautiful book, which included her own remarkable black and white paintings.

      Relative Matter

I am writing to cancel
the invitation to come
visit us. You are not

We have had a volcano
erupt in the middle of
our plot of land and
      no one

has survived. The onslaught
was sudden, no warning at
all, only sudden hot shame

over everyone. Incredulity
spilled over the mantels, light-
bulbs exploded with sudden

We were awash with fury
and indignation. Hate
has corroded everything left

We have only the slightest clue
as to the beginnings. Someone
mentioned your name, the way you dam-
      age things.

Cleared for Landing
Ann Darr

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