The Eighth Day collects poems from two previous Dryad Press volumes and includes work that ranges between the comedic and numinous.

"These poems run the necessary risks and win them all - feeling without sentimentality, gentleness without softness, and of startling without blinding or terrifying. Rod Jellema sees the strange in the ordinary . . . his technique is economical, exact, understated."
    Alberta Turner

Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland, where he founded and directed the creative writing program, Rod Jellema is the author of four books of poetry (three from Dryad Press), the most recent, A Slender Grace. He's published two books of poetry in translation. Jellema’s work has won him a Hart Crane Award, one prize and two writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, several residency fellowships from Yaddo, and the Pieter Jelles Prize (Friesland) and a Columbia University Translation Prize for his translations of Frisian poetry. Jellema and his wife, the writer Michele Orwin, divide their time between Washington, DC, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Lake Michigan dunelands near Montague, Michigan.

      Because I Never Learned the Names of Flowers

It is moonlight and white where
I slink away from my cat-quiet blue rubber truck
and motion myself to back it up to your ear.
I peel back the doors of the van and begin
to hushload into your sleep
the whole damn botanical cargo of Spring.

Sleeper, I whisk you
Trivia and Illium, Sweet Peristalsis, Flowering Delirium.

Sprigs of Purple Persiflage and Lovers’ Leap, slips
of Hysteria sticks in my hair. I gather clumps of Timex,
handfuls of Buttertongues, Belly buttons, and Bluelets.

I come with Trailing Nebula, I come with Late-Blooming
Paradox, with Creeping Pyromania, Pink Apoplex
and Climbing Solar Plexus,

whispering: Needlenose,
Juice Cup, Godstem, Nexus, Sex-us, Condominium.

The Eighth Day:
New & Selected Poems

Rod Jellema

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